Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women

Being married in today’s society can be hard. Women have been taught since childhood to be independent and not to depend on anyone. Then they get married and they’re expected to love, obey and submit. Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women gives you a glimpse of what God expects from the institution of marriage.

Through God's Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women

Match Made in Heaven

Here’s a glimpse into the first chapter of Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women.

Match Made in Heaven

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful garden. There were flowers of different shapes and sizes. The varied hues of color made it seem as if you were walking in a rainbow.

In this garden lived a man named Adam. He was very happy. He had more food than he could ever eat in his lifetime and a job he loved. He had a lot of animals and the Best Friend in the whole world.

But each day when his friend went home, Adam was by himself. As beautiful as his home was, he was lonely. He noticed all the animals came in pairs: male and female. There wasn’t anyone who seemed like a match for him. He was different. And in his difference, he became lonesome.

Seeing how lonely he was, his best friend decided to find a match for him. He created the perfect woman for Adam.

It was love at first sight. They committed their lives to each other in a simple and intimate garden ceremony. Everything was perfect—

Until after the honeymoon.

The fact that you’re reading this book leads me to believe you’re married.

Congratulations. Welcome to the oldest and most distinguished institution in the world. Because you’re reading this book, I know you have questions. Maybe you’re wondering what happens next. You met the guy. Fell in love. Had the wedding of your dreams (hopefully) and thought life would be like a fairytale. Only it wasn’t. Now that you have to live with him, you realize you don’t know your spouse quite as well as you thought.

The fairytales didn’t tell us cute, little quirks can become annoying. Romance books don’t tell you sometimes living with your great love will feel like having a roommate. We couldn’t have known our Pookie-bear could ever do anything to make us angry. Oh my darling, it’s just the beginning. The sooner you accept that his quirks are permanent, the easier it will be to move on to more important things.

Things like understanding what God wants us to learn from the Bible about marriage. That’s an important task—one which will help us to become better wives and, better role models to our children. Our sons will learn from us what to expect from and look for in the women they marry. Our daughters will learn to be women of high moral standards. They may even learn to be, gasp, the Proverbs 31 woman.

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