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Wedding at Sea Review

Wedding at Sea by Melissa Tagg is the long-awaited romance between Wilder and Lilian.

Lilian and her brother’s best friend have an antagonistic relationship and we finally learn why.  In Wedding at Sea, they’re compelled to work with each other per Maggie’s request and things changed.

I always expected Lilian and Wilder to end up together but I enjoyed the process. Watching Lilian reveal a softer side of herself and show compassion to Wilder reminded me that things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes people are carrying around huge weights they never mention and need just a little kindness.

Wedding at Sea is book three in the Muir Harbor trilogy and is best read in order as there are storylines that began in earlier books.

Readers of Wedding at Sea will be reminded that God is trustworthy even when we’re walking through a dark place with no end in sight.

Readers will also be reminded they can control the stories they tell themselves. For most of us, the narrative we tell ourselves is a negative one. However, we have a choice. We can reframe the story we tell ourselves.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley; a positive review was not required.

If you enjoy books with found families, enemies to lovers, or romances with a hint of mystery, Wedding at Sea is a must-read.


About Wedding at Sea Muir Harbor #3

Lilian doesn’t remember anything about her life before the day Maggie Muir found her on her front porch—a toddler, abandoned and alone. And maybe that’s okay. She has a beautiful life at Muir Farm, including an adopted family she adores and a successful career as a lawyer. But she also has a secret . . . one that raises just as many questions about her future as it does her unknown past.

And, of course, it would be private investigator Wilder Monroe, her brother’s best friend and the bane of her existence, who sniffs out her secret before anyone else.

Wilder has spent the past three years trying to close the one case his father couldn’t—the mystery of Maggie Muir’s long-lost granddaughter. But the decades-long search has become more tangled than ever. It’s become more personal, too. Not only are the Muirs the closest thing to family he has left, but if he can solve this mystery, maybe he’ll keep himself from drowning in the one he can’t . . . the truth about his father’s death.

In the midst of secrets and swirling questions, Maggie asks a favor of both Lilian and put aside their bickering and work together to plan her summer wedding. It’s a big ask, made all the more difficult when danger comes calling at Muir Farm. But if the two enemies can stand each other long enough to pull off the event of the year, they just might solve a mystery in the process.

And the biggest discovery of all? That sometimes the one your heart longs for is the last person you ever would’ve expected.

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About Melissa Tagg

Melissa Tagg is the USA Today bestselling, Christy and Carol Award-winning author of swoony and hope-filled small-town contemporary romances. She’s also a former reporter, current nonprofit marketing strategist, and total Iowa girl.

Melissa has taught at multiple national writing conferences, as well as workshops and women’s retreats. When she’s not happily lost in someone else’s book or plugging away her on own, she can be found spoiling her nieces and nephews, watching old movies, and daydreaming about her next fictional hero. Connect with Melissa at

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